Founded in 2018 by some longtime players of the viennese DIY Anarcho Punk scene. Fell into immediate Corona Lockdown just when they wanted to get started. Nevertheless released 2 Eps and 1 Album since then and played some shows. 2024 will see the light of 2nd album “Get Sick And Let Me Watch You Die” via legendary US Noise Rock label REPTILIAN RECORDS. Heavy artillery between Sludge, Hardcore, Noise Rock, Crust & Death Metal! For fans of UNSANE, NEUROSIS, ENTOMBED, IRON MONKEY, HELMET and DISCHARGE without fear of each other.

2018 gegründetes Trio von alten Wiener Szenegängern, nach nur 3 Konzerten sofortiger Corona Lockdown. Trotzdem seither 2 Eps & 1 Album. 2024 erscheint das neue, 2. Album “Get Sick And Let Me Watch You Die” via dem US Noise Rock Label REPTILIAN RECORDS. In Hardcore geerdeter, sludgiger Noise Rock, bißchen Crust & Death Metal. For Freunde von UNSANE, NEUROSIS, ENTOMBED, IRON MONKEY, HELMET und DISCHARGE mit offenem Geist.


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v/a “Ihr werdet euch noch wundern” – Cd-Compilation (Eigenbedarf 2018, track “You Fucks In Suits”)
v/a “1998-2018: 20 Years BLOODSHED666 Records – Label Compilaton”
– Cd-Compilation (Bloodshed666 2018, track “Still Fuck You Suit-Man”)
Shareholder of Shit
 – 10″ Vinyl / digital (Bloodshed666 2019/2020 – bs 18)
Songs of Love in the Age of Anarchy – 12″ Vinyl Picture Disc / digital (Bloodshed666 2020 – bs 20)
Elegance is an attitude… to shit on. – LP (2022, Vinyl / digital, Bloodshed666 – bs 22, Santa Diabla – SD16)
Get Sick And Let Me Watch Your Die – Album (2024, Vinyl / digital, Reptilian Records – REP 168 / Bloodshed666 Records – bs 25)

Bandlogo (by Lisl Matzer):

Bandphoto (by Paayarazzi):