band, est. 2018

indubiocontra [at] gmail [dot] com


2018: v/a "Ihr werdet euch noch wundern", Cd-Compilation (Eigenbedarf 2018, track "You Fucks In Suits")

2018: v/a "1998-2018: 20 Years BLOODSHED666 Records - Label Compilaton", Cd-Compilation (Bloodshed666 Records 2018, track "Still Fuck You Suit-Man")

2019/20: "Shareholder of Shit", 10" Vinyl / digital Ep (Bloodshed666 Records 2019/20, bs18)

2020: "Songs of Love in the Age of Anarchy", 12" Picture Disc Vinyl / digital Ep (Bloodshed666 Records 2020, bs 20)

upcoming gigs:

--- (covid-19)

past gigs:

7.10.2020: Arena (Beisl) Open Air, Vienna, Recordreleaseconcert
22.2.2020: Ekh, Vienna, Recordreleaseconcert, w KALMAR, XINDL
31.5.2019: Ekh, Vienna, w IVY GERANIUM, XINDL
30.3.2019: Venster99, Vienna, w TarLUNG