Hurray! Two concerts coming up! Jahninselfest in Regensburg and at Chelsea with GvsB!


















Sept. 5th, 2021. Sorry, concert at Venster99 will not happen on Sept. 10th. Venster99 has to get a ventilation. We're looking for other venues.

Sept. 3rd, 2021. Guess what?! We're playing with Desolat and Face The Owl on Sept. 10th at VENSTER99. This gig will be limited to a 50-person-audience.

So what happend during the last year? Concerts were cancled and Gerald decided to leave the band. Thanks for the time, the laughs and everything.










11.07.2022 @ Chelsea with Girls Against Boys
20.10.2022 @ Musichouse Graz with Flowers In Concrete
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