PHAL:ANGST is an industrial (post-) rock band, based in Vienna, Austria. We started in 2006 as a collaboration of the projects PHAL and PROJEKT ANGST. Soon we realized that we wanted to perform as a real band and added a bassplayer. Since then we have played some shows, recorded three albums and a soundtrack. The fourth album will be released in spring 2018.

If you want us to play your club/squat/livingroom/whatever just drop us an e-mail…

Our line-up:

ph – vox/harp/xylophone … was also the vocalist for MAN-AT-ARMS, DISCOVER and THE LONESOME NOBODYS. Currently in the choir of the SALOONIES.

al – guitar/vox … has played in several punk / hardcore /metal / stoner / sludge /fun-bands (CYRUSS, ANGRY KIDS, E.M.S., RADIKALKUR, DISCOVER, PYRETHRUM,…) since 1992, also plays as “beauty lies”

angst – electronics … has produced experimental / ambient / electronic / industrial-music since 1997, he released 5 solo-albums and collaborated with VATICAN’S CHILDREN, DARK AVANTGARDE EXPERIENCE, radio DER ABGRUND/PROTON, before that he played in the punk-bands SHOCK TROOP & FLUHRSCHADEN

: – bass … joined us in November ’15, also plays as THE BASSENGER (solo project, experimental), played in TERRA TOMA (stoner/ sludge/ post metal), sang in ELEMENT 36 and MLO and is also known as DJ Lady M

our former bass player kev left us in summer ’15


New Album

Our new album will be released in autumn 2018 

We have finished mixing the songs and are currently waiting for the remix tracks (which will also to be featured on the album).

Come back for more info…


Black Country

Our third album, „Black Country“, was released on November 14th 2014. It is available as double-vinyl, digipack-cd and digital download.

The album was recorded and mixed by Alexandr Vatagin at Audiomanufaktur Vienna from February to May 2014 and was mastered by Patrick Pulsinger at Feedback Studios Vienna in June 2014. The stunning artwork was done by Christopher Sturmer.

The album is accompanied by the remix album „Black Country Revisited“.
If you bought “Black Country” on vinyl you can download your high quality mp3 files with your download code, which can be found inside your LP.


1. Hardwire (14:56)
2. Black Country (7:45)
3. The Old Has To Die And The New Must Not Be Born ( 7:49)
4. Black Milk Of Morning (11:45)
5. Theta (12:38)

Buy as CD or LP in Austria


Black Country Revisited

Seven artists did remixes of all tracks featured on „Black Country“. They were completely free to modify the songs as they wanted, hence the album is very diverse. . Artists are: Electric Indigo (female:pressure), David Pfister (Devil & The Universe, Neigungsgruppe Sex, Gewalt & Gute Laune, Radio Fm4), chra (female:pressure, Comfortzone, Shampoo Boy, SV Damenkraft), Tronstoner (NSA, Nitro Mahalia, Calamari:Autopsy, Sensual Love, Dieter von Kroll Experience, EyeBM), Bastard Sun (Adaevarath, Create & Destroy Press), Rokko Anal (Rokko’s Adventures, Rokko Anal & The Coathangers) & Andrej from Swallowredrain. It was released on 28th of November, 2014.


1. Black Milk Of Morning (Tronstoner Remix) (09:00)
2. Black Country (Electric Indigo Rework) (06:46)
3. Rewire (Andrej Swallowredrain Remix) (13:53)
4. Black Milk Of Morning (David Pfister Remix) (05:07)
5. Black Country Blues (chra Remix) (04:49)
6. The Old Has To Die And The New Must Not Be Born (Bastard Sun Remix) (05:53)
7. Theta (Rokko Anal Wirtshaus Remix) (04:37)

Self Titled EP

This 5“-CD was released in April 2014 as a limited giveaway at our show at the rhiz, Vienna, on April 2nd 2014.

Black Country (rough mix)
Eleanor Rigby

Shiver with Cold
“Shiver with Cold”, released in January 2009, 100 Copies, featuring a remix by Neon Squid Autopsy and a Music-Video-Clip by Julia Ostertag.


I. Hometown
II. All Autumn’s Past
III. Wasteland
IV. Despair
V. Wasteland – Remix by Neon Squid Autopsy
VI. Wasteland – Video-Clip by Julia Ostertag

для одной руки

Our debut-album, “для одной руки”, released in May 2007, 100 Copies.


I. The Blind Prelude
II. The Blind
III. The Blind Appendix
IV. Dying City
V. Roadkill
VI. Fire
VII. Gnade

Saila Soundtrack

The soundtrack-recordings for the movie “Saila” by Julia Ostertag, called “The Wasteland Sessions”.


01. Bass
02. Wasteland
03. Katharsis
04. Saila’s Dance
05. Elemental Despair
06. Mariacron Bottleneck
07. Piano Song I
08. Saila’s Theme
09. Piano Song II
10. Piano Song III
11. Stripper’s Nightmare
12. Winter Song





March 23, 2018
Studio 11
Zagrebačka 11, Subotica, Serbia

March 24, 2018
PHAL:ANGST & Tentacle Wizard
@CK13 Vojvode Bojovića 13, Novi Sad, Serbia

March 25, 2018
@TintaSocial Miskolc Zsolcai sor 164, Miskolc, Hungary

March 27, 2018
PHAL:ANGST & Sheik Anorak & All Machine
BanZaj #24 @ MODEM
Baltazár Dezső tér 1.,
Debrecen, Hungary


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